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Welcome to Lace & Beyond

At Lace & Beyond, we celebrate women through products that fit real everyday needs and provide comfort to the body and soul, while making shopping for lingerie, bedding & sleepwear fun and effortless.

From this concept, Lace & Beyond was born.

Our Purpose

We position Lace & Beyond to become the destination for the top quality fashion bedroom products at an incredible value, empowering women to feel sexy, confident and comfortable in her own bedroom.

We pledged to build L&B on a commitment to compassion, ethics, and understanding the customer in order to offer the best possible products and services.

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We’ll always ‘Get it Right’

Where comfort is felt in every fibre, and in the heart and mind. Here you can be racy, lacy, fabulous, funny, too tall, too small, wanting to hide, or ready to conquer the world.

Together we can get through the hard days, spice up the slow days, and celebrate your best days. Because buying a bra or pyjama should be something you look forward to.